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Last updated 2015-09-12

MouseTrap is now following the GNOME release cycle. As of 2015-04-27, MouseTrap 3.17.1 was released! This is an unstable release that will ultimately lead to MouseTrap 3.18.0 being released in late September.

Mission Statement

The MouseTrap mission is to provide an exceptional alternative input system to GNOME with a particular eye towards aiding the physically impaired community. Our aim is to give users the option to replace a mouse with a low-cost webcam which can interpret a user's head movement as computer input.

What is MouseTrap?

MouseTrap is a standalone GNOME application that allows users with physical impairments to move a mouse cursor. It uses a webcam to track the motion of any object visible by the camera and moves the mouse cursor according to the path of the tracked object (a user's head, for example). Distributed with software that allows accessible mouse clicking, MouseTrap will give most physically impaired users access to the full functionality of a mouse. Our ultimate goal is to have a usable, stable solution that allows users to control their cursors just as well as someone using a mouse.

MouseTrap is written in Python, based on the OpenCV library and uses image processing to translate the user's head movements into mouse events (movements, clicks) which allow users to interact with the different desktops managers and applications.

MouseTrap Diagram

Need to see it working?

These are some videos to see how MouseTrap works (outdated - but gives a rough idea of how it works):

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IRC and IRC Meetings

  • irc:// <-- Not a link Use your favorite irc client and set it up to use as the server and #mousetrap as the channel

  • Meeting archives

  • Send an email to the email list to find out current meeting times.
  • A note for students or faculty with students who may be participating in MouseTrap as part of a class or academic activity: Note that MouseTrap meetings are logged and the meeting notes are made public. Check with your institution to determine if public notes has a FERPA impact.

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MouseTrap has been released under the license GPL v2

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