A basic release script for Metacity following the standard release instructions at MaintainersCorner/Releasing, since I have to go through them every week or so anyway and I thought it would be better to automate them. Of course, it took about five times longer to write the script than to do a release, but I look on it as an investment.


If you want to use it yourself, it will probably not work for you straight away; I’d appreciate help generalising it if you’re interested, though.

Things it should do that it doesn't

  • Write the release email (trivial)
  • Write the blog post (also trivial)
  • Signal twitter (trivial)
  • It would be good if ChangeLog entries which began with lines of text which could be assumed to be functional descriptions (since they didn't begin with function names) could have that text used directly in the NEWS file.

  • Use command-line options

Possible project merge

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