Multiple Pointer Xserver Metacity

What is it?

This is my (PauloZanoni's) work as as Google Summer of Code student. My mentor is ElijahNewren.

The Multiple Pointer Xserver Metacity is a new branch of metacity that knows about the multiple-pointer X (MPX).

The MPX is a branch of the xserver that has support for multiple pointers (and other input devices). With it, you can have multiple cursors and multiple foci on your desktop. It is currently a branch, but the plan is to merge it with the trunk and distribute as the official xserver (in near future).

Now that metacity knows about the MPX, it can use all the new protocol calls introduced by MPX, and it can manage the applications better. With this, metacity will now be considered a "window-and-pointer-manager".

How do I install it?

Read the howto! Metacity/MpxHowto

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