If you have an elaborate idea about libgee please create a separate page at Libgee/Ideas/YourIdeaTitle and link it here in the appropriate section. Otherwise just add it under short ideas.

Elaborate ideas

Short ideas

  • Define some standard exceptions (Not implemented, etc.)
  • Stack and Queue interfaces
  • Add a Join method, to add all the elements from a list into another, removing them from the original, and doing it in a more efficient way than using a foreach to add them one by one (at least with linked lists this should be pretty straightforward).
    • Conversely add a remove_range(start, end) method that removes and returns a slice.
  • I would be good to have a "unique" method or property in the MultiSet that returns a Set of all members without duplicates. (Just like the uniqueSet() method in the Bag (=multiset) interface of the Apache Commons Collections for Java). This would allow iterating over all unique keys in a MultiSet and printing, e.g., how often they occur:

    •   foreach (string key in multiset.unique) {
            stdout.printf("'%s' occurs %i times\n", key, multiset.count(key));

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