"KIO-GioBridge" is an adapter to run KDE4 KIO on top of GIO/GVFS, in order to resolve file-management inconsistencies between KDE apps, and Gtk+ or 3rd party applications like Openoffice, Mozilla,...

The plan is to have a "common vfs layer" for all applications and file-managers, when working with network protocols like smb, ftp, sftp, webdav and others. The new GIO/GVFS (the successor of Gnome-VFS) pretty much fulfills the requirements for such a "common vfs layer" (desktop/toolkit independent design, but keyring and gconf dependencies probably need to be approached).


* Implements an IO-slave which links the GIO API

* Delegates the major file-management protocols (except file://) to this slave by installing *.protocol files (use the command-line tool "kio-giobridge-mgr"). Protocols like http, imap,... are not delegated, as they are mainly application specific services for certain KDE apps.

* Provides own implemenation of the remote:// handler to list active GVFS network mounts and to browse smb://. The mounts can be unmounted with right-click/unmount from this view)

* Installs a kded module (which also links GIO) to monitor changes in the mount list to update remote:// and KDirListerCache.

* Bypasses KPasswdServer and KWallet in order to use the password storage provided by GVFS backends (keyring at the moment).

* Uses an extended KIO::AuthInfo and KPasswordDialog to request credentials from the user.


GLib, Gvfs, KDE4.1 and Qt4 (compiled with GLib-Main-Loop Support)


* UI to connect to new servers (currently the URL has to be entered in the location bar) and to save them as bookmarks (Although i believe that creating managing and "hibernating" mounts should be provided by a special API in GIO).

* Align Keyring and KWallet (analyse to which extent keyring could serve as backend of KWallet).


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