jhbuild on Mac OS X

This is a scratch space with notes on getting jhbuild working on Mac OS X.

So far it is a step-by-step list of things to do with notes about problems to expect and a TODO list of things to work on.

Getting started

Here's a rough list of instructions. It assumes that you start from a Mac OS system with the command line developer tools installed (xcode-select --install on newer Mac OS versions). It is also assumed that you are not using anything like brew, fink, macports, etc.

First, download and install jhbuild:

 $ mkdir ~/jhbuild
 $ cd ~/jhbuild
 $ git clone --depth=1 git://git.gnome.org/jhbuild
 $ cd ~/jhbuild/jhbuild
 $ ./autogen.sh --simple-install
 $ make
 $ make install DISABLE_GETTEXT=1

You should end up with jhbuild in ~/.local/bin. Add that to your path to make things more convenient.

Next, you need to use jhbuild bootstrap to install some basic dependencies that are missing from Mac OS.

 $ jhbuild bootstrap

That should take a while downloading and building.

After that is done, build up to glib:

 $ jhbuild build --nodeps glib

at which point you will need to bootstrap the vala compiler:

 $ jhbuild bootstrap vala-bootstrap

Things have to be done in this order because the vala compiler depends on glib being installed already.

Finally, you should be able to build some more modules:

 $ jhbuild build --nodeps gtk+ adwaita-icon-theme

You are going to hit some problems along the way.

Things you can help with

See also

Some osx-specific patches for jhbuild: https://github.com/TingPing/jhbuild/commits/tingping/osx

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