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List of common errors for the module evolution-exchange.

Error - libexchange not found

Date: 2005-08-27

Version: since GNOME 2.12

Stage: Configure

You get an error while trying to configure evolution-exchange that libexchange was not found.

Stage: Build

You can reach the build stage at which point you get an error like this:

e-book-backend-exchange.c:58:30: error: exchange-esource.h: No such file or directory
e-book-backend-exchange.c: In function 'do_put':
e-book-backend-exchange.c:1276: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 5 of 'e2k_context_put' differ in signedness
e-book-backend-exchange.c: In function 'e_book_backend_exchange_remove':
e-book-backend-exchange.c:2342: warning: implicit declaration of function 'remove_folder_esource'
e-book-backend-exchange.c:2342: warning: nested extern declaration of 'remove_folder_esource'

But it is the same problem and the same solution solves it.


Evolution-data-server doesn't build libexchange by default because it doesn't link with openldap by default.


Add the following line to your ~/.jhbuildrc:

module_autogenargs['evolution-data-server'] = autogenargs + ' --with-openldap'

This will tell jhbuild to pass the '--with-openldap' argument to autogen.sh when it builds evolution-data-server. After making this change, you can rebuild evolution-data-server : it knows it to build with openldap support, and will build libexchange and evolution-exchange.


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