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List of common errors for the module ekiga.

Error - macro `AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library

Stage: configure

 Running aclocal-1.4...
 aclocal: configure.in: 303: macro `AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library
 *** error during stage configure of ekiga: could not configure module ***


The path to the directory containing the sdl.m4 m4 macro needs to be specified by setting the environment variable ACLOCAL_FLAGS.


Add the path to the sdl.m4 file to ACLOCAL_FLAGS in your .jhbuildrc file. If sdl.m4 is in /usr/share/aclocal directory, you should then add:

#ekiga: add path so aclocal can find sdl.m4
addpath('ACLOCAL_FLAGS', '/usr/share/aclocal')

Error - PWLib version not supporting LDAP

System details: November 29th, 2006 - GNOME 2.17 cvs - Mandriva 2007

Stage: configure

checking for PWLib version... 1.10.2
checking for OpenLDAP support in PWLIB... no
configure: error: Sorry but the PWLib version you are using doesn't support LDAP
make: *** [config.status] Erreur 1


Pwlib was compiled without ldap support, surely because you didn't install the openldap development package for you ditribution.


Install openldap development packages. You may find the procedure for your distribution in the JhbuildDependencies Then recompile pwlib with:

jhbuild buildone -ac pwlib

If jhbuild returns success without doing nothing, then it's because jhbuild thinks the package is already installed and that therefore everything is fine. This was filled in as bug gnomebug:380686. Edit your /opt/gnome2/share/jhbuild/packagedb.xml file, and remove the line that concerns pwlib. Then re-run the previous command. While on pwlib's configure stage, you should then see the following line:

checking for ldap.h... yes

You can now recompile ekiga, re-running the configure stage with:

jhbuild buildone -a ekiga


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