You receive an error about needing Pyrex to generate python bindings

New way to fix it

This error indicates that you used an old checkout of jhbuild. Rerun 'jhbuild bootstrap' after updating your local copy of the jhbuild modulesets to ensure that pyrex gets built. (This solution might change in the near future however; see bug 311563 -- this module may become part of freedesktop.modules or gnome-2.16.modules which would mean the fix would instead involve reruning 'jhbuild build'.)

Old way to fix it

You will need to download Pyrex from http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/~greg/python/Pyrex/

Once you do this, unpack and then change to the Pyrex-0.9.X.Y directory. You can then install by running the following command: (Change the installation prefix)

jhbuild run python setup.py install --prefix=/opt/gnome-prefix

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