Jhbuild Dependencies

This page will give details on the dependencies needed to build the latest GNOME with Jhbuild. In other words, if you install the packages below, then download and install jhbuild, jhbuild should 'just work' - you should not need to install any other packages. Specific, recent build issues are tracked at JhbuildIssues.

Supported distros

Ubuntu and Fedora.

Because we don't have any continuous integration for JHBuild, it's very hard to make sure it works reliably on different distros. Accordingly, we only claim to support the most popular distros. If you want your distro to be officially supported, please help us set up continuous integration for JHBuild.

That said, other distros should work too. Please file bugs when they don't.

Other distros

Sorted by alphabetical order:

Available non-Linux systems

Please add new distros!

To add your own distro above, please follow the following instructions:

  • install the distro as close to default as possible.
  • Install and configure jhbuild

  • run 'jhbuild sanitycheck' and install any missing things (or try jhbuild bootstrap )

  • run 'jhbuild build'
  • at various points, jhbuild will fail because of missing packages. As you install these missing packages, and more and more of the build begins to succeed, take a note of what packages you needed to install, and add them to this page. Simple, no? :)

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