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Sougou Pinyin (搜狗拼音) is an input method developed by Sohu, the corporation behind one of the largest website in China. This piece of software is the first and most popular input methods equipped various modern elements of input methods. The feature it provides are almost essential for users nowadays.



  • General input window, the text at right upper side are random usage tips
    • 2.PNG 4.PNG

  • When a candidate is clicked with mouse, show options: 1.make this candidate fixed to be the first one; 2.search this word in the web 3.remove this word from candidate list
    • 3.PNG

  • English typing assistant
    • 30.PNG

  • URL typing assisatnt
    • 29.PNG

  • Cloud candidate: the second one is cloud candidate, which means the result is generated by remote server; when it is the same as the first candidate generated by local engine, the results are merged as shown.
    • 24.PNG

  • Simple UI configuration window, triggered by left click on the bar
    • 1.PNG

  • Menu, triggered by right click on the bar
    • 5.PNG 23.PNG 25.PNG

  • The configuration tool, showing every details one by one. The tool only runs when user explicitly starts it, not even during installation, instead a sane default is given.
    • General configuration


    • Keyboard shortcuts


    • Appearance, including how candidates are shown and a powerful tool (not so obvious in the screenshot, though) to manipulate skins.


    • Dictionaries: Dictionary management, online dictionary download and update. Dictionary suggestions are given based on GEO-Location and user content statistics.


    • Account details, used for syncing user preferences and user dicts.


    • Advanced options (two pages)

      11.PNG 12.PNG

  • The configuration wizard. This doesn't run without user's request either.
    • 13.PNG 14.PNG 15.PNG 16.PNG 17.PNG 18.PNG 19.PNG 20.PNG

  • The "skin box", used to browse and select skins from either local or remote.
    • 21.PNG 22.PNG

  • Extra functions manager
    • 26.PNG

  • Handwriting
    • 27.PNG 28.PNG

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