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QQ Pinyin (QQ 拼音) is an input method developed by Tencent, the corporation operates the most famous instant messaging software QQ (over 400,000,000 users). This piece of software has integrated almost all elements of a modern input method, and works well for large number of users.



  • General input window, the second candidate is generated by remote server, named "cloud candidate". In this screeshot it's the status that cloud result is still loading. When it is loaded, it will be merged into first candidate if they are the same (first candidate is generated by local engine).
    • 19.PNG

  • Quick configuration panel
    • 20.PNG

  • Input window with a theme activated. The theme can be changed on the fly.
    • 21.PNG

  • Configuration tool, showing every details one by one. The tool only runs when user explicitly starts it, not even during installation, instead a sane default is given.
    • General configuration


    • Keyboard shortcuts


    • Skin settings, including skin editor.


    • Appearance, details about candidate window and the bar


    • Input preference, several advanced way of inputting emotions, URL, name and very complex characters.


    • Dictionaries: Dictionary management, online dictionary download and update. Dictionary suggestions are given based on GEO-Location and user content statistics.


    • Account details, used for syncing user preferences and user dicts.


    • Advanced settings


    • System input method manager (a replacement of the one provided by the OS with better usability)


  • The configuration wizard. This doesn't run without user's request either.
    • 10.PNG 11.PNG 12.PNG 13.PNG 14.PNG 15.PNG 16.PNG 17.PNG 18.PNG

  • Speech recognition
    • 22.PNG

  • Stroke input helper
    • 23.PNG 24.PNG

  • Handwriting
    • 25.PNG 26.PNG

  • Symbol input tool
    • 27.PNG 28.PNG 29.PNG

  • User dict editor
    • 30.PNG

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