Installing a target system and adding it to the controller

Select Machine name and Partition ID

Every target machine in GNOME Hardware Testing should have a unique name. The name is arbitrary, but the convention being used is classical composers (brahms, vivaldi, etc.) (Reasoning: it's clear that the name is arbitrary (compared to, say, FastAMDMachine5) - and there is no danger in running out any time soon.)

Each target machine can have a number of partitions - different partitions could be on different drives with different performance characteristics, or could be formatted with different filesystems. The partition ID is unique only within the target machine and should be of the form ext4-ssd or btrfs-hd. (There are strict limits on the length of partition labels which forces the partition ID to be short - 9 characters except on XFS where only 5 characters is allowed.)

On the target machine

  • Write the hwtest image to a USB key
  • Boot the target system from the USB key
  • Login as root (no password)
  • Do:

  • Confirm the drive you want to install on, and the partition you want to create. (You can gnome-hwtest-install again this to create further partitions.)
  • Use ifconfig to determine the MAC address of the machines ethernet controller, write it down

On the controller machine

  • Create a keypair for the target with:

  cd /srv/gnome-hwtest
  openssl genrsa -out <machinename>.secret 4096
  openssl pkey -in <machinename>.secret -out <machinename>.pubkey -pubout
  • Transfer the .pubkey file to a USB key for future use
  • Add the following lines to /srv/gnome-hwtest/controller.conf - every machine should have a distinct index, and power_tty and power_index should correspond to your switch box setup.

[machine <machinename>]

[partition <machinename>/<partition_id>]

In GNOME Git (optional)

* To register the machine on, in the perf-web module module in GNOME git, create the files <machinename>.pubkey (using the pubkey file you saved to the USB key) and <machinename.conf with contents similar to:

[machine <machinename>]
owner=Your Name <>
location=Foo Corp Offices
summary=i5-4200U, 8GB
cpu=Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz
graphics=Intel HD Graphics 4400

[partition <machinename>/<partition-id>]
disk=Samsung SSD 840 Evo, 120GB

[target <machinename>/<partition-id>/buildmaster-x86_64/x11]

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