GNOME Translation Project

GNOME Shell integration for Chrome uses GNOME Translation Project. Translation statistics can be obtained on corresponding Damned Lies page.

Translation process

All user-visible web extension strings are maintained by developers in messages.json file at extension/extension/_locale/en/ folder. File format is described here.

After en/messages.json file edited gettext template file should be regenerated and all gettext files should be updated from new template using commands:

# mkdir build
# cd build
# make

As result of those commands:

  1. New gettext template will be saved to po/template.pot file.

  2. All po/*.po files will be updated by msgmerge using new gettext template.

  3. All extension locales (messages.json) will be generated from gettext po files.

This process is fully compatible with Damned Lies.

There is limited number of supported locales. If you use an unsupported locale, Google Chrome will ignore it.

To create a new translation you can use msginit command (or any po editor) and gettext template. Please refer Translation Project wiki page for further info about optimal translation workflow.


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