GNOME Shell integration for Chrome version 9


  • Shell extensions website is now opened on GNOME icon click.
  • Show useful error message in Firefox instead of "Attempt to postMessage on disconnected port" in case native connector is not installed.
  • Improved error handling when GNOME Shell is not installed or not running.
  • In case native connector not found show warning instead of error.
  • Python-requests made optional dependency for native connector. In case it is missed update check will not work.
  • Implemented synchronization queue that will lower events overhead.
  • Fixed synchronization issue that may disable all Shell extensions.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Firefox 54+.
  • Fixed crash in native connector on older distros like Ubuntu Trusty.
  • Fixed formating of error message in options page.
  • Fixed gsettings GNOME Shell schema lookup in native connector.
  • Removed deprecated and compatibility code. Firefox 52 is minimal supported version now.


  • Czech (Marek Černocký)
  • Danish (Alan Mortensen)
  • Dutch (Hannie Dumoleyn)
  • French (Alexandre Franke)
  • Hungarian (Balázs Úr)
  • Indonesian (Andika Triwidada, Kukuh Syafaat)
  • Italian (Gianvito Cavasoli)
  • Galician (Fran Dieguez)
  • German (Florian Heiser, Mario Blättermann)
  • Korean (Seong-ho Cho)
  • Polish (Piotr Drąg)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (Rafael Fontenelle)
  • Scottish Gaelic (GunChleoc)

  • Swedish (Anders Jonsson)

Known issues

  • Native host connector is not working in Google Chrome and Opera when installed via Debian Stretch or Sid repositories. To know "why?" look here, here and here. For a workaround look here.

  • Web extension is broken on FreeBSD because of bug 212925.

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