GNOME Shell integration for Chrome version 8.1


  • Added check to make sure that "enabled-extensions" GNOME Shell setting does not contains duplicated values (GNOME Shell bug 777650).
  • Fixed error that breaks update check if there was extension installed without "version" key in manifest.
  • Fixed error that prevents error message to be shown when update check is failed.
  • Fixed connector segfault on browser close.
  • Fixed possible error in synchronization process that may delete some extensions.
  • Switched Ubuntu PPA packages to use Python 3.


  • Danish (Alan Mortensen)
  • German (Mario Blättermann)
  • Slovak (Dušan Kazik)

Known issues

  • Native host connector is not working in Google Chrome and Opera when installed via Debian Stretch or Sid repositories. To know "why?" look here, here and here. For a workaround look here.

  • Web extension is broken on FreeBSD because of bug 212925.

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