Extensions guidelines

To accept your extension you should make sure:

  • Don't put files or programs inside. That means, don't put a GTK+ application or script and use it from the extension.
    • Why? This goes against the security and privacy of the user and all the work intented to protect the user with application containers. Also this make reviewers work very difficult trying to review an entire application.

  • Don't try to replace an entire application.
    • Why? Extensions are intended to modify or extends gnome-shell behaviour, not to replace applications ecosystem.

  • Search for duplicates before, and try to modify or update current ones contacting with the maintainer instead of a fork and your own.
    • Why? Having duplicated extensions makes the extensions ecosystem a mess, and we all know that normally is better to improve current one than make your own.

  • Don't use command line spawns if not completely necesary.
    • Why As said before, this goes against the security and privacy of the user, and the work on applications containers.

  • Make clear which resources/signals are you using and disconnect/destroy them in disable().
    • Why? It will help reviewers to review your extension and give feedback, so your extensions becomes an easy target to review increasing the probability to be accepted in less time.

The better the quality of your extensions code is, the easier target becomes for extensions reviewers. If previous points are not followed, your extension probably will be rejected or extension reviewers will not will to review it.

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