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A task list is necessary for change comfortably from an application with a fullscreen window to any other window.

GNOME 2.18 (Simply Beautiful)

GNOME 2.18 (Simply Beautiful)

GNOME 3 Proposal (More Simply and more Beautiful)

GNOME 3 Proposal (More Simply and more Beautiful)

Nowadays everybody use task lists or a replacement like the popular Docky and at the same time we are wasting a lot of space on the top panel. All we need is a rearrangement of this stuff for get a clean and well designed desktop.

gnome2-rearrangement gnome-elementary-rearrangement gnome3-rearrangement

To take advantage over other docks/launchers, my proposal consist in expand an icon and showing the name of the application when the app is open. An expanded icon it's useful for change quickly and comfortably between open applications.

This is a mockup 16:10 (1280x800) of what I try to explain. Please note that "Add to Favorites" option is the "Pin to Panel" equivalent in the last screenshot:

gnome3_1_welcome_16:10 gnome3_2_launch_an_app_16:10 gnome3_3_two_windows_16:10 gnome3_4_pin_to_panel_16:10

The idea is use an expanded icon with the name of the application similar to the application title that appear in the top panel of Gnome Shell, a shaded effect. By this way is possible have an integrated dock on Gnome Shell and keep an elegant thin panel.

empathy epiphany evolution

file_manager gedit image_viewer

This is an example of a 4:3 (1024x768) screen resolution:


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