Gnome do in the shell

This page presents a suite of mockup showing how gnome do could be integrated in the shell.

Like, I think, a lot of people, I love gnome DO. So my idea is to put DO in the shell and use all the screen to display results, thus allow for instance not to search only for launchers and actions but for files, people... and this in simpler way from having a large list of untidy results.

So here's the clear overlay mode when no search is made attachment:doshell_clear.png

That's quite empty because i'm lazy, but imagine it with the application wheel, the recent docs... This is displayed when you enter a hot corner, press the activity button or ctrl+space; the search entry must be focused by default so you don't need to do more to actions and you can start typing right now as in the shell.

Now let's image you press w attachment:doshell_search.png

As you see the abiword and bittorent icons are labeled "Write text" and "Manage downloads", this could be as well "abiword" and "bittorent".

There area several important things:

the results are categorized for clarity.

This is not shown in the mockup but the first result should be selected so when you press enter it's launched.

Basically this is the gnome do list categorized and using the whole screen space. When you click an item or select it with your keyboard (arrow keys) and press enter, the apps is launched or the file is opened depending on the context.

Well that's cool but there is nothing of DO power here. the "post a twitt" action is particular: according to the DO plugin when you just press enter it post the currently selected text but sure you'll want to post another message; so press the tab key as in DO or click with the middle button on the item attachment:doshell_twitt.png

As you can see this is the same content as in DO but displayed horizontally, there are two items: "Clipboard content" which post the current clipboard content and a "text action" which post the content of the search entry. I think the "text action" should be displayed in every search so you can create a task, set your facebook status or even (and that's very useful) copy your "search" to clipboard.

Now you can chain a lot of actions, like that attachment:doshell_sendto.png

That's not very useful.

But look at what could happen if you use the tab key on a contact. attachment:doshell_contact.png

Now one thing I especially like in DO is the "text action", which appears at very end of the list and permit you to e.g. set your IM status, create a file, a note and much more. The shell give us space to display a friendly message on how to use this action. attachment:doshell_noresult.png

More soon...

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