Mockups for Application Browsing

This is a rough sketch of my ideas for browsing the full list of applications, borrowing a lot of the graphical style from Jeremy's work:

Summary of Main Overlay Concept

  • Breadcrumbs are a permanent feature of the top panel, and remain active - you can still switch directly to an application or workspace from here.
  • Search permanently anchored in the overlay - to emphasize that you can type at any time
  • Places shown, but will usually be blank - only items like blank CD's or MP3 players are shown.
  • New workspace becomes a thumbnail, and is a valid target for dragging items

Default view of the shell

Changes to More button behaviour

I felt that more could mean two things, and needed to show both:

  • More recent applications
  • All applications and application categories

I also felt that we needed a place here for system tools, and attempted to work that in too.

To get the best effect of the animation, save these four images locally and flick through them

Final view: Final more applications view


  • System settings are not shown by default - click the tool to show them
  • More button moved to be next to the section title
  • The whole section title is clickable, not just the more button
  • Less button in exactly the same place as the More button, making the operation easy to cancel

Top Corner

One idea is that the top corner with the breadcrumbs and search box should stay consistent whatever you are looking at: Consistent top corner

For further discussion

  • Can we use a similar type of animation to move to Jeremy's document list (see his v2 above)
  • How do we react to clicking places. Does it scroll up, or do we just show places on the right?
  • For large numbers of items, two columns can be used.
  • For > 2 columns, use either scroll arrows on the sides to scroll one column at a time, or a standard horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.

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