Iterations of the GNOME Shell Design

Initial Vision

This write-up from the User Experience Hackfest contains initial ideas for the GNOME Shell that were discussed there. It also contains the initial mockups for the GNOME Shell that were drawn by Neil Patel. Vincent Untz's blog post has a summary of the ideas discussed at the hackfest.

Application Browsing Iterations

  1. Various early attempts

  2. Design ideas from Jeremy Perry

  3. Version 2 from Jeremy Perry

Application switcher

  1. Initial application switcher from Jeremy Perry

Overview Mockups With a Black Theme

Here are the mockups for the overview with a black theme from Jeremy Perry. They also include a mockup that displays the search results in the main dash area on the left.

GNOME Design document

Important milestone releases:

5 July 2009 (GUADEC)

14 November 2009

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