Building modules

You might encounter roadblocks when building these modules on Ubuntu 11.10, and here is how they were solved.


sudo apt-get install gawk


From the checkout directory run:

git clone git://

and then rerun the checkout phase.


There is a config.h file that is generated with every new jhbuild build. When the build stops at the gtk+ module, open config.h (in a new terminal tab!), which is in the toplevel directory after configure has run and comment out XINPUT_2_2. If it fails, hit [4] to get a shell and then config.h is in the directory you end up in. Save config.h, return in the first terminal tab where you run jhbuild build from and hit [1] to rerun the build.


sudo apt-get install gtk-doc

gnome-shell jhbuild error during clutter

sudo find /usr/lib*/ -name "*.la" -delete
rm -rf ~/gnome-shell/install
jhbuild build -s glib -s glib-networking -s gconf -afc gnome-shell

That should skip glib compilation, and the glib-networking and gconf that try to install gio modules.

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