GNOME Screensaver

gnome-screensaver is a new screensaver that can replace xscreensaver. It is designed to integrate well with the desktop and provide a control interface that is desktop neutral. It simplifies and streamlines the experience for the user and provides more capability for the system administrator and vendor.

It is designed to support:

Looking for Help?

Getting gnome-screensaver for Development

You will need to use GNOME 2.11.4 or later.

Development ideas

Getting From Git

To get the very latest copy you'll need to clone the Git repository, by running

git clone git://

Or, browse online:

Getting From a Package

Download the latest source package from the package directory

Using JHBuild

JHBuild offers dependency handled building which can make testing a lot easier. Follow the instructions from the jhbuild site to get up and running, then run this to get the latest version.

jhbuild build gnome-screensaver

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