Bonobo will be removed for GNOME 3, so gnome-pilot needs to replace Bonobo with D-Bus, Bug 592604.

Since it is not an easy job, this page has been created to describe how to implement the migration.


  1. Based on gnome-pilot.idl, we design gpilot-daemon.xml (done)

  2. Based on the gpilot-daemon.xml, we add functions for dbus methods in gpilot-daemon.h and gpilot-daemon.c (done)

  3. Transfer logic from orbit_daemon_glue.c to gpilot-daemon.c (done)

  4. Replace Corba to DBus in gnome-pilot-client.gob (done)

  5. Testing and bug fixing
    • Test with utils/gpilotd-client (done)
    • Try to setup a new palm with gpilotd-control-applet (done)
    • Try to synchronize with enabled conduits: EAddress, ECalendar, EMemos, ETodo (done)
    • Test with gpilot-applet (done)
    • Ask other people(Matt Davey) to test (done)


This work is now complete. The implementation has been tested successfully and all changes merged into the main branch. Bonobo remains, however, as it is used in the panel applet code, so that will have to be migrated. The panel library has only recently been modified to support 'bonobo-less' panel applets.


To check out the D-Bus version of gnome-pilot, you should use:

  • git clone git://git.gnome.org/gnome-pilot gnome-pilot
  • cd gnome-pilot
  • git checkout -b dbus origin/dbus

If you plan on pushing changes back upstream and have a GNOME account, use the following instead:

To view code online, please visit http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-pilot/tree/?h=dbus


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