gnome-pilot is a package of utilities for handheld computers such as the PalmPilot. It is a part of the GNOME project

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Current latest released tarballs are in the 2.0.* series; these are of the Git main branch.

Recent work has focussed on the migration to GNOME-3. As gnome-pilot has been around for a while, with a fairly stable (archaic?) code-base, there has been quite a bit of work required to modernise it it for gnome-3. Much of this work has been done on the recent "dbus" branch D-Bus to replace Bonobo, which was merged with the main branch on 2010-08-09.



To check out the development version of gnome-pilot, you should use:

  • git clone git://
  • git clone git://


Known Issues with current release (2.0.17)

  • Bluetooth sync works, but a bug in the pilot-link library means the gnome-pilot daemon will die after a sync. This has been fixed in source and should appear with pilot-link version 0.12.4. For people interested in patching, there is a patch available here

Work currently being done

  • Removal of deprecated libgnome/libgnomeui/libgtk+ symbols
  • Replacement of bonobo with dbus
  • Incorporation of the evolution conduits into the gnome-pilot codebase.

Help Needed

  • A new website? or just use this wiki for now? volunteers?
  • Questions? If you've got questions, or ideas for more content here (FAQ, HOWTO, etc.), let us know by joining gnome-pilot-list


The former gnome-pilot website

The old gnome-pilot website was taken down in January of 2003, from the ChangeLog:

2003-01-10 Steve Fox
    Per jpr, nuke gnome-pilot since it's way crusty

You can see the old content that was there here:

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