Information that GNOME Online Accounts collects and stores

GNOME Online Accounts aims to provide a way for users to setup online accounts to be used by the core system and applications.

System usage of online accounts includes GNOME Shell's calendar, cloud file storage in file chooser dialogs (through GVfs), cloud printing and Kerberos credentials. Core application integration includes things like Calendar, Contacts and Photos.

This data is stored locally on your computer and is not transmitted to the GNOME Foundation or any third parties. We do not serve any advertisements, including retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising.

Depending on what account you add, and which services are enabled or disabled in Online Accounts in Settings, various different data is downloaded and synced with your account.


When you add a Google account, GNOME Online Accounts receives your email address and an access token which allows us to authenticate with Google.


GNOME Online Accounts receives your IMAP settings stored with your GMail account. Individual email clients (for example, Evolution) then can use this to retrieve and modify your messages, labels and folders from Google.


GNOME downloads a list of your calendars, and the events stored in those calendars. This can be used by GNOME Calendar, GNOME Shell and email clients to display and modify those events.


GNOME downloads your contact groups, and any contacts stored in those groups. This can be used by GNOME Contacts and email clients to display and modify your contacts.

Documents & Files

GNOME downloads documents stored in Google Docs and Google Drive. This is used in GNOME Files, GNOME Documents and the GNOME file picker to allow you to access and modify your documents.


GNOME downloads a list of albums and any photos that have been stored in Google Photos. This is used to display, organise and modify photos in GNOME Photos.


GNOME receives a list of printers that have been added to Google Cloud Print, their capabilities, and a list of jobs that have been submitted to those printers. This is used to allow printing of documents to printers you have added.

Last updated: 2019-02-06

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