GNOME Online Accounts (GOA)


GOA provides a centralized service that allows a set of online accounts to be configured for use with core GNOME applications. In UX terms, GOA provides a static list of online accounts that can be setup by users (through the Online Accounts panel in System Settings). These accounts can then be used by core GNOME applications.

While third party applications can access the accounts setup through GOA, this is not its explicit goal, nor does GOA set out to enable third party applications to add online accounts of their own. There are several reasons for this:

  • Third-party applications should be able to identify themselves to online services for the purposes of branding and tracking.
  • Third-party applications shouldn't be able to identify themselves under a generic OS or distributor key - this would be misleading as to what is actually accessing the account, and would prevent there from being specific contracts of trust between users and applications who access their data.
  • It would prevent users from blocking specific applications from accessing their account (should an application sandboxing framework come into effect).

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  • Configuration of account types for distributions and/or OEMs, so that GOA can be tuned to different markets and contexts of use (making specific chat protocols prominent depending on the locale, or allowing enterprise distributors to include preconfigured corporate services, for example).
  • Switches for per-application access to accounts, rather than for service types. (?) -- AllanDay

  • Take advantage of application sandboxing to secure online accounts against malicious applications.

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