Gnome Keyring Distributor Notes


These dependencies are required or recommended to build gnome-keyring:

  • gcr-3 >= 3.27.90

  • glib-2.0 >= 2.44.0

  • libgcrypt >= 1.2.2

  • libpam optional: automatic unlocking of keyring will be disabled

  • libtasn1 >= 0.3.4

  • ssh-add and ssh-agent commands from OpenSSH

Starting and Stopping the Gnome Keyring Daemon

  • Integration and startup with PAM allows user does not need to enter any keyring passwords. A PAM module is provided for this purpose.

  • Startup and shutdown of gnome-keyring-daemon is detailed on its own page.

Lockable Memory

  • It is recommended, to configure the OS so that the user can use at least 256KB of lockable memory (ie: non-pageable). This will allow gnome-keyring to keep the encryption keys, and passwords from being paged to the disk.

Disabling Components

  • If you would rather use another SSH agent, you can do so by building without ssh support:
    • # ./configure --disable-ssh-agent

Environment Variables

  • The following environment variables may be set by gnome-keyring:
  • More details on how environment variables are set on this page.

File Locations

  • Gnome Keyring looks for passwords and encryption keys in the following locations:
    • ~/.ssh: SSH encryption keys

    • ~/.gnome2/keyrings: Password keyrings, keys and certificates.

    • The location of CA Root certificates can be configured with the --with-root-certs=/path configure option. It is blank by default.

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