gnome-doc-utils is a collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project. It includes xml2po tool which makes it easier to translate and keep up to date translations of documentation.

It is highly recommended that all GNOME projects that have user documentation should use gnome-doc-utils.

See /Migration for migration status.

See /MigrationHowTo to learn how to migrate to gnome-doc-utils.

Translator instructions

To translate a manual which uses gnome-doc-utils, go to the directory which contains manual, and create <langcode> directory and add <langcode>/<langcode>.po file there. Figures need to go to <langcode>/figures (this can be configured to not to be "figures", check from When adding new translation, also add langcode to DOC_LINGUAS in

To learn how to migrate existing translations to gnome-doc-utils, see GnomeDocUtilsTranslationMigration.


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