• is a database-independent architecture that allows access to different database systems.

GDA/GnomeDb Home page

Gnome-DB has an outdated home page at http://www.gnome-db.org, see the section about code examples.

Win32 binaries

Starting with version 3.99.5, Win32 binaries are available as ZIP files for Libgda and Libgnomedb; they can be downloaded from http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/binaries/win32/.

Mostly obsolete ideas

The following ideas are mostly obsolete, but kept here for reference.



  • Report viewer widget.
  • Integration of the GnomeDB Widgets in GTK+ 3.0?
    • Note from RodrigoMoya: I don't think this makes much sense, since libgnomedb is a specialized library, which is not generic enough to be in the basic toolkit. Also, it would mean having GTK depend on libgda, which I don't think is a good idea)


  • Create XML data bases (See Ideas: UserFriendlyDatabaseTool)

    • Note from VivienMalerba: the XML database backend has been removed, in favor of a SQLite backend which already exists and works well

  • Load and Manage Forms stored in a XML file (XMLGlade + stuff about data source, queries, etc). Some code already exists into libgnomedb for this purpose but needs more work.



A set of widgets that depends only on GTK+.

Most of the widgets in the libgnomedb, can depend only on GTK+; this could help the port applications to other OS's like Windows and Mac OSX.

libgtkdb with a plug-in system

With a set of properties in some widgets like gnome_db_grid kind (could be in the future gtk_db_grid), where it only neads where to find the data to show and modify, we can create a widget set of objects that, using a plug-in like libgda, can show and/or edit data from a data source, this mechanism allows not to depend on a specific library for data base access.

May be in the future, this set of widgets can be generic enough to fit in the GTK+ library.


The idea of DesktopForms is allow the end user to create a custom forms to edit data stored in the RDBMS, and run it may using a panel applet that show the available forms pre-designed by the administrator (may using gconf), and created by the user. The form, could have a FormNavigatorWidget, to open a diferent form or create a single interface with this widgets to access to a diferent data using forms.

DesktopFormsEditor may use libglade3, to allow the user to create custom forms using a GUI. This is used by Anjuta, to edit the user interfaces.

DesktopForms and DesktopFormsEditor, may will be in GTK+ 3.0 to be cross plataform.


There isn't a simple way to create a database in GNOME, you need a database server or make a lot of technical steps to create a simple XML database with GnomeDb. Note: libgda/mergeant allows to create a database when connecting to a distant DBMS server and to create 'local' databases (without any need of a DBMS server) using SQLite.

We need a simple and usable application to create databases. Perhaps using a new mime-type like xdb (XMLDataBase), and allow the user save, open and work with databases in a user-friendly way. Note: we can add speclialized widgets to libgnomedb for this purpose.

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