Known Issues

This is a running list of known issues with the latest GNOME Continuous builds. It is mostly intended as a resource for testers, so they can tell general bugs from Continuous-specific issues.

  • GTK+ shows touch controls for text fields, such as drag handles for moving the caret
    • This is caused by QEmu adding device properties that GTK considers touch-related
    • This is FIXED in 3.20
  • Settings (gnome-control-center):
  • Wayland does not work
  • Spinners don't spin when running GNOME as a virtual machine
    • FIXED. They do in 3.20.
  • Continuous doesn't build documentation, so Help (aka Yelp) will be blank and show a document not found error.
  • Software:
    • Software categories are missing.
    • Application pages: health information for each application (which show localized in your language, documentation, release activity system integration) isn't correct.

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