About GNOME Bluetooth

gnome-bluetooth is a fork of bluez-gnome focused on integration with the GNOME desktop environment (see also this blog entry for details).

gnome-bluetooth is the historical name of the first GNOME focused Bluetooth effort for Linux. As such, when the need came to name this project, we selected something that was still in the people's minds. You can find historical versions of gnome-bluetooth in the GNOME git repository.

gnome-bluetooth does not include the bluez-gnome analyzer, or the proximity tool.

The original GNOME Bluetooth was developed by Edd Dumbill, bluez-gnome was developed by Marcel Holtmann. The current primary maintainer is now Bastien Nocera. The software is free, licensed under the GPL for the programs, and LGPL for the libraries. See individual source files for copyright information.


The applet in disabled mode. This happens when the Bluetooth adapter is disabled. If it is disabled through a killswitch, a menu item will allow you to turn the device on and off:


The applet with Bluetooth on, with devices ready to connect to:


The preferences window:


When there's no Bluetooth adapter present (and no killswitch):


The wizard, showing you the passkey options, and another screenshot when no specific passkey was selected:




The most up-to-date documentation of the various use cases is available in the Fedora Wiki.


Q: I use an add-on USB dongle that I can add/remove, but I don't see any option to turn it off.

A: For the majority of computers, the Bluetooth adapter can be disabled via software (usually if it's builtin like in a laptop), or physically (by unplugging it). For those reasons, it was deemed unnecessary to have a separate way to disable the Bluetooth adapter.


All aspects of GNOME Bluetooth and PhoneManager are discussed in the forum at https://discourse.gnome.org/


Before installing GNOME Bluetooth, please check that your installation matches the requirements.

GNOME Bluetooth is available:

  • from the GNOME FTP servers,

  • from source (the module name is gnome-bluetooth).

  • From your distribution:
    • Fedora 11 onwards have gnome-bluetooth installed by default

Filing bugs

As usual, through the GNOME GitLab.

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