GNOME Applets

Gnome Applets component is part of the GnomeFlashback project. It currently provides the following applets:

  • Accessibility applet (accessx-status)
  • Battery status (battstat)
  • A symbol table (charpick)
  • A system monitor for cpu, memory and network usage information (cpufreq)
  • A drive mount applet (drivemount)
  • Geyes, a funny applet that shows a pair of eyes which follow the cursor (geyes)
  • A weather applet (gweather)
  • A command execution and macro plugin (mini-commander)
  • A sound applet (deprecated and replaced by libsound-applet in GnomeFlashback (mixer)

  • A model lights plugin for modems (modemlights)
  • A multi load plugin (multiload)
  • A notes applets (stickynotes)
  • A trash applet (trashapplet)
  • A window picker applet that shows open applications as icons. This saves a lot of screen space and is very useful if many applications are open. (windowpicker)

The code for Gnome Applets can be found at:


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