Ideas for redoing the GDK API

  • merge screen into display
  • mostly done get rid of child and offscreen windows

  • mostly done get rid of root window

  • done add GdkMonitor

  • add properties for everything
  • throw away all the X-isms, like window hints, geometry hints and weird flags we have
  • no more foreign windows
  • done have proper constructor(s) for GdkWindow, ie no more GdkWindowAttr

  • get rid of GdkVisual

  • get rid of events for anything but input, do the rest with properties
  • kill GdkAtom

  • kill GdkSelection

  • at the end, look through what's left for the unused stuff and delete it (like GdkWindow stacking APIs and so on)

  • done add a proper drawing API, ie begin_paint() gives you a drawing context that you release with end_paint()

  • no more reading contents from windows

Related cleanups

  • done input-only windows shouldn't be necessary anymore

  • event masks should go away
  • might be useful to support different types of GdkWIndows - ie resizable toplevels with decorations vs GTK_WINDOW_POPUP style

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