Just a reminder list of small api additions still to be considered for 2.12

  • Cursor color API (gnomebug:79585) {*} [committed]

  • Tooltips placement fixes (may require API, (gnomebug:408327)), popup-on-demand
  • Tap and hold (gnomebug:315645)
  • Radio button value (gnomebug:166995) {o} [punted]

  • GtkTreeView, these are all very small and this is a tentative list, can hopefully get some more in if I get the time. Items in random order:

    • GtkCellRendererCombo::changed (gnomebug:324282) {o} [punted]

    • GtkCellRendererProgress:orientation (gnomebug:344836) {*} [committed]

    • API for querying whether rubber banding (and possibly also other operations) are active (gnomebug:393579) {*} [committed]

    • resort() method for GtkTreeSortable (gnomebug:316152) {o} [punted]

    • audit of coordinates systems (gnomebug:142494) {*} [committed]

  • Add split functions for the linked lists (gnomebug:440732)
  • Deprecate recent manager screen-related API (gnomebug:439327) {*} [committed]

  • GdkPixbuf orientation tags (gnomebug:439567) {*} [committed]

  • Add g_object_set_properties (gnomebug:338024)
  • Add types for GRegex and GMatchInfo (gnomebug:446723 and gnomebug:445065) {*} [committed]

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