Classes (main concept by tbf)

Adding "classes" support to GTK+. This would mean adding an API to GTK+ to make it possible to add and remove "classes" in the form of strings (or GQuarks). This information should then be used to for matching in the gtkrc. (Need an example what this may look like!) [The GObject class name of the widget could be implicitely added to the list of classes. Most of the time this will not be usefull though.]

This might very much look like CSS matching. Best would be supporting mixed classes and name matching.

Problems addressed by this proposal:

  • - Widgets with different visual representations (notebook [can be invisible],
    • combobox [appears-as-list], radiobutton [button vs. indicator], etc.)
    - Adding more hints to widgets from the applications. Could possibly
    • be used to do "connected" effects and similar.

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