GTK+ icon browser


gtk-icon-browser is a small application that is shipped with GTK+. Its purpose is to browse and explore the icons that are available in the icon theme. The focus is on standard icons following the icon naming spec. It also shows symbolic variants.

Ideas for further development

gtk-icon-browser is already pretty useful, but it could be even better. Here are some ideas for things to work on, in no particular order. Your help is appreciated!

  • Compare with the glade icon chooser dialog, and exchange the best parts of both
  • Implement a better design

  • Allow switching icon themes
  • Show standard icons plus all icons found in the current icon theme, not just a fixed list of non-standard names
  • Clearly indicate when an icon name is not following the naming spec
  • Add links to the naming spec and the HIG 'icons and artwork' section

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