Meeting at GUADEC 2013


  • 3.10 leftovers
    • scroll markers
    • pixel cache conversion
      • TextView

      • Layout
      • IconView: Alex

    • GtkClipboard

      • needed for Wayland
      • Benjamin is working on it
      • long term plan is to move to GDK
    • HeaderBar

      • added API to add a close button to GtkHeaderBar

      • needs themeing fixed in Mutter for shadows
    • scaled cursors for hi-dpi
      • Alex is working on it
      • needs new cairo_surface_t API for GdkCursor

    • GProperty

      • needs review from Ryan
      • punted to 3.11
    • GSubprocess

      • needs review
    • small Array API additions
      • sorting in GPtrArray

      • add binary search
    • desktop file cache
      • create an index cache
      • per directory, mmap()-able, indexed by locale
    • Cairo release
    • Icon theme spec update for hi-dpi
      • ensure that gtk2 still works
      • maybe change to have the compressed PNG instead of raw bytes
    • fallout from client-side decorations
      • allocation should not take into account the frame size
  • Wayland to do
    • menu positioning: intent-based API
  • Design wishlist
  • FlowBox

  • Notebook vs Stack widget
  • Model-View for ListBox

  • Big items
    • Actors
      • Emmanuele is working on it
    • Event controllers

Notes from the discussion

3.10 leftovers

Who does what ?

  • pixel cache
    • icon view (alex)
    • text view (maybe christian)
  • header bar
    • close button (done)
    • rounded corners (matthias, jasper)
  • clipboard
    • vfuncs (benjamin)
    • push into gdk (next cycle)
  • scaled cursors (alex)
  • GProperty (next cycle)

  • desktop file cache (ryan)
  • cairo release (needed for hi-dpi) (alex poking ickle)
  • icon theme spec update (needed for hi-dpi) (alex)

Design wishlist

  • toplevel-relative positioning
    • We had a long discussion about problems with api stability and expressiveness of the theme apis. No immediate solutions
  • spinner
    • We need a set of sizes, it needs to be recolorable, and possibly have style classes for spinning 'the other way'.
    • One possibility is to bring back an image-base implementation in the short term, instead of waiting for a grand future vision.
    • Another idea that came up during the discussion is to use a font for this (possibly also for symbolic icons). Several people expressed interest in exploring this (I remember Ryan and Alex).
  • css animations
    • Problems: css can't really express state transitions and they just don't work in many places due to state save/restore in gtk.
    • For the transition problem, Owen posted a proposal to the list a while ago.
    • The long-term fix for state save/restore is the actor transition.
    • A short-term idea would be to identify the places where we really want them, and manually use separate style contexts there, as we already do for GtkSpinButton.

  • flowbox
    • There is a prototype in EggListBox, it needs a lot of work

    • model-view is pretty essential, since we're usually dealing with larger datasets
    • Alex wants to work on model-view for list/flowbox next cycle
    • Lars already has a prototype


Emmanuele gave an overview of the current state of his scenegraph library. Still very early, no drawing at all. He will push it to a branch soon, and expects to see visible results in a few months.


Alberto wants to enable apps to have rich scrollbars, with markers and similar annotations. We discussed various approaches, and pros and cons. General feeling seemed to be that just adding a way to replace the scrollbars in a scrolled window might be enough.

notebook versus stack

Alberto wants to write an alternative stack switcher that is suitable for mdi. Meanwhile, Jon has been fixing up GtkNotebook visually, which can probably server as a template for the visual appearance of the new stack switcher.

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