GTK Scene Kit

Or the rendering and scene graph API for GTK+.

List of things to do

  • Fix bugs
  • Write benchmarks
    • Measure relevant rendering operations in terms of: time, CPU use, memory use
  • Improve GskProfiler

    • Add more timing and counter API
    • Add more instrumentation points
    • Expose GskProfiler to the GTK+ inspector and to sysprof

    • Improve the GskGLProfiler for more accurate/interesting GPU/GL usage statistics

  • Port more widgets to the retained render node API
  • Add APIs to GskRenderNode to make widget conversion possible/efficient:

    • clipping
    • solid colors
    • rounded rectangles
  • Add more API to GskRenderNode to implement CSS rendering

  • Improve the efficiency of the CSS rendering via GskRenderNode

  • Add texture atlases for icon caches, font maps, and other visual assets
  • Figure out how to turn a PangoLayout into a glyph run that can be mapped to a glyph atlas and rendered off of the GPU

  • Add visual debugging states to GskRenderer like:

    • heat maps for "heavy" render nodes
    • wireframe views for geometry debugging
    • Z offsets views for stacking
  • Implement SVG and CSS filters as GskRenderNode rendering operations

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