port LV2 audio plugins from using Slv2 to Lilv gstreamer-1.0


LV2 is a standard for audio plugins. GStreamer-0.10 has a LV2 support through the slv2 library. This library is deprecated by the lilv library.

Requires: programming in the c language, some background with audio and rdf


  • write a lv2 plugin for gstreamer 1.0 using lilv
  • instead of using the gst-plugins-bad/gst-libs/gst/signalprocessor/ as a baseclass for both src and effects have separate baseclasses
  • the new lv2 plugin should cache the wrapped lv2 elements in the registry (see gst_plugin_{set,get}_cache_data())



Stefan Sauer, ensonic on IRC Sebastian Dröge, slomo on IRC

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