port 3D video rendering plugins to gstreamer-1.0


In 2010 during GSoC Martin Bisson wrote plugins to add 3D video support for GStreamer. the plugin can convert between the various 3D video standards (framepacking, interleaving) and do optimized anaglyph rendering. The plugin were not integrated into gstreamer at that time as certain features could not be added to the api in a backwards compatible way. Now with gstreamer 1.0 we can do that.

Requires: programming in the c language, some background with computer graphics (e.g. OpenGL programming)


  • port the plugins
  • integrate them into gst-plugin-bad/gst
  • port the example player
  • add it to gst-plugins-bad/test/examples
  • hardware 3d support in gl based video sinks



Sebastian Dröge, slomo on IRC

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