Below are some ideas listed about what could be done for this SoC2007 project, which will be handled by the Gnome organization. Feel free to add new ideas.

Student: Sebastian Dröge ( )

Mentor (accepted as gnome project mentor): Stefan Kost ( )

Audio Plugins

  • Highpass/Lowpass/Bandpass filter
  • Echo / Hall / Delay
  • Wahwah
  • Chorus
  • Time/Pitch Shifter (maybe optionally with feedback)
  • Denoise / Decrackle
  • Beat detection (to midi?)
  • ...


  • GstController interpolation methods:

    • implement quadratic method
    • implement cubic method
    • improve trigger method to correctly trigger (help to get the sync interval right)
    • additional methods?
  • Introduce new GstModulator

  • Adding "roles" to properties:
    • Is this entered in dB, as a simple scale factor, ...?
    • Useful for automatically generated GUIs

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