This is a place to centralize the ideas on a media test suite for GStreamer

Media test suite results online

What a media test suite should do

  • Take in a bunch of (non-)media files
  • Check if Gstreamer can handle them
    • If it knows the MimeType

    • If it can handle the container formats
    • If it can find all the media types contained in those container formats
    • If it can handle the different media types (do we have the proper decoder)
    • If it can decode everything to raw media types (audio/video/text?)
    • And of course, never crash/segfault for any of the above (even if you're trying to read an Excel spreadsheet).
  • Make a clean and detailled reporting
    • information on the files/streams
    • debug logs
    • backtraces

Do complex actions on the medias/pipelines

  • Play them (maybe not all the way)
  • Seek in them in various ways (using the GST_SEEK_FLAG_*)
    • normal
    • accurate
    • keyframe
    • segment seek ?
  • Play them using a not-seekable source? like stdin

Handle problems

  • segfaults (spawn separate process)
    • with backtraces and debug logs
  • Figure out if something went wrong
    • compare wanted behaviour (seek to a certain point) with output (probe on sinks?)
    • Make sure problems are really reported with GST_ERROR or GST_WARNING
  • Log everything or just up to a certain level (WARNING ?)
    • Maybe we could log everything with GST_DEBUG=*:2
      • If there was an error, re-run it with GST_DEBUG=*:5
  • find if the process hangs ? (it would be cool to attach a gdb to the pid and get a backtrace)
    • How do we figure that out ? Maybe a default timeout and see if the pipeline has 'advanced' (or the debug log has grown).
  • memory leak ? (run tests with valgrind)
    • The problem with this is the time it would take...

Find some statistics

  • How long take a seek on a file ?
  • How accurate is a seek ?
    • This can be done with a probe
  • cpu/ram usage (only if the tests run on a dedicated machine..)

Find some strange behaviours

  • Invalid timestamps on buffers when they are processed by the sinks
    • This is why we need plugins (including sinks) to properly use the GST_ERROR and GST_WARNING macros for those cases
    • We could also find stream discontinuities this way (does previous-buffer->(timestamp+duration) == current-buffer->timestamp ?)

      • Of course there are cases where there are discontinuities in purpose (but they should have GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DISCONT set)

How should we do it

gst-python contains an example application that tries to find multimedia information on a given file (a-la file), this could be a good starting point

  • Run the tests on all files in several pass. If a file doesn't pass one step, don't use them for the next step.
    1. Try to run the basic Discoverer
    2. Try to play the files for a bit longer than preroll
    3. Try seeking
    4. Insert your wacky stress-test here
  • It would be nice to have an xml or html reporting
  • Users should be able to run it simply on problematic file(s) and attach the output to bug reports
  • The best IMHO would be to divide it in two:
    • A manager
      • Handles logging
      • Handles the files to process (which directories contains the files, which tests to run on which directories, which plugins to use/ignore)
    • Test base class
      • Can be subclassed to contain the specific scenarios
      • Enables to have more or less complex testing

Central GStreamer media testsuite

  • We could host a test suite on a Fluendo machine, for all gstreamer developers.
  • It would be also nice to spot out differences between the differents runs
    • To see if a modifications brings in a problem for a given file (it's always a pain to try a plugin with all the files that it could support)
    • maybe figure out from the cvs log who might be responsible for a given regression
    • ... and the positiv aspect is "yeah, we can now handle completelyborked.avi !"

  • Have different 'slaves' for testing with/without some plugins (like the fluendo plugins)


  • shade the background of every second test-result line (e.g. #f0f0f0) to enhance readabillity
  • show total number of files on initial page
  • can we track the gst-elements that are involved in failed tests?
  • if a file fails/crashes, but other files of the same type succeed, add links/notes pointing to the other file. This is good to be able to track down the actual difference.

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