Bindings based on GObject-Introspection

  • Gtk-rs - Rust bindings generated from GIR files.

  • Vala - Compiler for the GObject type system (compile time)

  • Genie - Genie Language (compile time)

  • PyGObject - Python bindings (runtime)

  • pygir-ctypes - Pure Python GObject Introspection Repository (GIR) wrapper using ctypes (runtime)

  • pgi - Pure Python GObject Introspection Bindings (runtime)

  • GTK2-Perl/Introspection - Perl bindings (runtime)

  • JGIR - Java/JVM bindings (compile time, using typelib)

  • Gjs - Javascript (spidermonkey) bindings (runtime)

  • Seed - Javascript (JSCore, WebKit JS engine) bindings (runtime)

  • sbank - Scheme binding for gobject-introspection (runtime)

  • GObjectIntrospection/GObjectConsume - Qt bindings (compile time)

  • GirFFI - Ruby bindings (runtime)

  • lgob - Lua bindings (compile time?)

  • guile-gir - Guile bindings (runtime)

  • - Factor bindings (runtime)

  • lgi - Lua bindings (runtime)

  • GObject for PHP

  • cl-gir GIR for Common Lisp (work in progress)

  • GNU Smalltalk - A branch of GNU Smalltalk which adds GObject Introspection bindings.

  • node-gir - Node.js bindings to the girepository

  • go-gir-generator - Go bindings (compile time) (Forked from gogobject which is unmaintained)

  • haskell-gi - a Haskell binding for the GIRepository C library, and a Haskell code generator built upon it. It is very much a work in progress.

  • cl-gobject-introspection - A bridge between Common Lisp and GObject.

  • ocaml-gir - An automatic binding generator for gtk-related libraries

  • gir2pascal - gir2pascal is a program to convert gir files into into pascal files

  • PLGI - Prolog bindings (runtime)

  • hbgi - Harbour bindings for GObject Introspection (runtime)

For a feature matrix see GObjectIntrospection/BindingsFeatures

Projects using GObject Introspection

  • Folks - the Gnome contact aggregator

  • GnomeShell - prototyping the future gnome shell

  • Midgard2 - language bindings to the Midgard content repository

  • libpeas - library providing a generic plugin framework

  • telepathy-glib - GLib bindings for Telepathy

  • gir2xmi - UML model generator for GObject-Introspection Gir files.

  • playerctl - a library and cli for controlling media players that implement the MPRIS DBus interface

  • i3ipc-glib - a library for extensions to the i3 window manager

Projects that could use GObject-Introspection

  • Mono GAPI could replace its gapi2-parser by using GOject-Introspection.

  • gtkmm could use GObject-Introspection in its gmmproc to generate C++ library bindings

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