GLib Thorns

This page is an informal list of things that have been identified as annoying about GLib that are difficult to change at this time out of concern for compatibility. We keep this list so that we know what we might want to consider fixing at the next major version bump.

  • GHashTable, GSequence, GMappedFile, etc. are not members of a common base object type.
  • The bug with g_signal_connect_object() not removing the signal connection for you.

  • g_file_replace is weird because the replace happens on unreffing the stream.
  • g_type_init() should just go away, either replaced by constructors or implicitly called by the type system.

  • stop using libtool -version-info, or at least stop changing it with each release
  • GSocketService should be renamed and it should work on anything that is capable of "accepting" an IOStream

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