GNotification introduces a new D-Bus API for sending notifications to the desktop shell. This API is considered to be private and is subject to change.


An application that wants to use this protocol must be reachable and activatable on the well-known D-Bus name that corresponds to the basename of its .desktop file. It must also support the org.freedesktop.Application interface.



AddNotification (s application_id, s notification_id, a{sv} notification)

Adds a notification for application with application_id. If a notification with notification_id already exists, it is replaced. notification consists of:

  • title: s: the title of the notification

  • body: s: [optional] body text of the notification

  • icon: *: [optional] an icon associated with the notification (serialized GIcon)

  • urgent: b: [optional] whether the notification should be displayed as urgent (boolean)

  • default-action: s: [optional] the action that should be invoked when activated the notification. Must start with 'app.'

  • default-action-target: *: [optional] the parameter that default-action is invoked with

  • buttons: aa{sv}: an array of buttons, each a dictionary with label (s), action (s), and optional target (*)

RemoveNotification (s application_id, s notification_id)

Removes the notification that was added with notification_id from the application with application_id.

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