1. make a commit where we set the value for all the 'UNRELEASED' @since lines
  2. configure.ac:
    1. bump micro, set nano to 0
    2. update the folks_lt_(current|age|revision)
    3. bump the folks_released field to 1
  3. make distcheck
  4. install folks from the generated tarball and do a bit of smoke-testing
    1. build both with and without Vala, gobject-introspection, valadoc
  5. make sure Empathy compiles against it
  6. add a tag
    1. git tag -a FOLKS_<VERSION> <commit>

  7. upload tarball to master.gnome.org
  8. run ftpadmin install TARBALL
  9. write release email
  10. push to origin
    1. git push origin master
    2. git push origin FOLKS_<VERSION>

  11. send release email to telepathy-list, gnome-announce-list, and folks-list
  12. push docs
    1. if this is the first 0.<even>.0 release, move the old unversioned dir out of the way like "folks -> folks-0.6" first

    2. (from $top_srcdir) make -C docs maintainer-upload-release

after release

  1. bump the version number to a 1 for nano and revert the "released" bit to 0 in configure.ac
  2. add a section for the next release to the top of NEWS
  3. if this is a 0.<even>.0 release, create new branch for 0.<even - 2>.x

  4. create new bugzilla milestones
  5. for any bugs with the folks-<release> milestone that are still open, use Bugzilla's multiple-bug-change page to push them to the next release's milestone. Include a comment like "didn't make this release; punting to the next milestone" so it's easy to select the bug mail for this change.

  6. update the gnome-3.0 deps modulesets in jhbuild

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