New Source Plugins

Currently BuildStream includes only three source plugins:

  • git (obtain sources from git)
  • ostree (obtain data from ostree)
  • local (only for staging data and files found in the buildstream project itself)

This is pretty straight forward and the interface to implement is well defined. We will require the following Source implementations in order to be able to convert and build Flatpak SDKs, Runtimes and Apps

Tarball Source

This should simply use host wget to obtain and cache tarballs in the local users source directory.

The source should make a sha256 sum of the downloaded tarball in the track() method, so that users need not list the checksums themselves.

The source should be able to detect and extract the tarball by itself, regardless of compression types, using host tar.

If it is not good enough to derive what compression format from the file extension, then a configuration option for the source can be added for the tarball Source so a user can explicitly say this tarball is bzip2

Upstream Bug Report: Issue 7

Status: Done

Bazaar Source

A Bazaar source is needed to deal with bzr repositories. Since Flatpak builder supports this kind of source, it will be needed in order to automatically convert existing Flatpak JSON.

Upstream Bug Report: Issue 9

Status: Done

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