BuildStream 1.0

Things we must do before we are ready for the first stable release:

Format changes

  • Document new parts of the format
  • Implement declarative array composition (<) (>) and (=) symbols

  • Merge new format changes, now that this wont break anything
  • Implement ( ! ) assertions as an enhancement, easy to do now

Status: the above is all done.

Update various projects

To move over to using project options for architecture conditionals instead of the 'arches' feature.

  • Update buildstream-tests

Status: done.

  • Update Sam's baserock cross bootstrapping thing, not sure where that lives
  • Update defs2bst which converts baserock to buildstream

Status: Week 43: BaseRock CI is still blocking these patches being merged: when fixed and merged ST can update this.

  • Update jhbuild2bst which converts jhbuild to buildstream

Status: done.

  • Land the additional branch which removes the 'arches' feature

Status: Week 43: not done, pending the above work from ST. Not a blocker for 1.0, though.

Third Party Plugin Repository

  • Move x86image and debian specific element outside of buildstream into new external plugin repo.
  • Mimmic the buildstream pattern for generating documentation
  • Split out any external repo specific integration tests from currently buildstream-test.

Status: Week 43: this is not far off being complete, will land this week.

Apply pep 3102 to all public API surfaces

This is a tedious change but needs to be made as it gives us a stronger API which is more future proof and should be done before stable.

See gitlab issue

Status: Week 43: this is outstanding and needs to be looked at.

Dealing with rust

This blocks the JHBuild conversion but does it block the first stable release?

See gitlab issue

Status: Tristan VB looking at this in Week 43. Will eventually need a better solution than this hack. Only one module in GNOME using rust though so not a big deal for now.

BLOCKER issues

Status: Week 43: Tristan Maat is looking into this atm. and

The above two will both be fixed by the same solution.

Status: Week 43: Tristan Maat's MR is Jonathan is reviewing that code this week before Tristan VB looks at it.

Error when trying to use list prepend to replace pre-* commands in project.conf

Status:Week 43: TVB will look at this next week.

In Summary


  • TVB can focus on the rust problem.
  • Jonathan lands the 3rd party plug ins.
  • Between Jonathan and Tristan the outstanding bugs are polished before you review the code.
  • Sam lands cross-bootstrap patches and updates it to not use arhces.

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