BuildStream Monthly Team Meeting


  • Actions from last meeting
  • Remove 1.2 from Debian Buster
  • Optimizing the developer feedback loop
  • Any Other Business


#topic Removal of 1.2 from Debian Buster - #summary rough consensus now is that the project will make it clear we're not supporting 1.2 long-term and then leave it to the distro devs to decide for themselves, so we're closing the issue on gitlab However, could we do a little more to announce our plans regarding what versions we will maintain and also the move to the new release cycle? make our position clear? Position is: (A) We are focusing on a new version of BuildStream which will not be backwards compatible with 1.x, and we don't know when that will stablize (B) We are not investing in support of the existing 1.2 branch, patches welcome ? #action laurence to update the website and post to the list clearly outlining our position re support for bst versions and the new appraoch to 2.0 as a stable release #action tristan van berkom to write a blog post to the same effect #action jjardon to add to the README to the same effect

#topic Can we retire buildstream-notifications-list@ ? #summary all agreed, yes #action laurence to get the buildstream-notifications-list shut down

#topic developers having the 'watch' notification set on gitlab #summary gitlab sends a lot of email notifications, should reduce this but improve quality of updates to encourage more developer engagement throughout the project #action laurence to have a look at gitlab and see if we can disable notifications on the project side rather than per user, to remove WIP MR notifications

#topic Policy for closing MRs or making them WIP #summary we want as few MRs are possible, so for MRs that go stale, the rule of thumb policy should be to WIP a non-WIP after a month, and then close WIP after a month #action laurence to communicate this, update CONTRIBUTING and create a label for MRs that were closed due to lack of activity maybe call it 'stale'

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